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The complaint to the ESA concerning the plans to fill up an oxbow lake

On December of 2017, an environmental NGO complained to the EFTA surveillance authority about a possible breach of WFD requirements, concerning a plan to fill up the oxbow lake "Furumokjela" in mid-Norway. 

In the following you will find the exchange of letters between the complainants, the ESA and the Norwegian Government:


  • 1. February 2019 – Letter form Norway to the ESA, supplying the requested information. Read the letter here.


  • 10. January 2018 – Letter from the ESA to Norway, requesting additional information. Read the letter here.


  • 20. December 2017 – Letter from the ESA to Norway, concerning the received complaint. Red the letter here.
  • 19. December 2017 – Complaint from Friends of the earth Norway about the possible breach of the WFD, concerning plans for filling up the oxbow lake "Furumokjela". Read the letter here.
Publisert: 15. mars 2018 Sist oppdatert: 15. mars 2018