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Harmonisation and implementation of the WFD in the Nordic countries

On this page you can read about: "Nordic collaboration on implementation of the water framework directive, status and further challenges".

The Nordic countries; Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway  have joined forces to harmonize the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in the Nordic countries. A series of annual meetings and workshops have received funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM), and three reports are published for the NCM. This arena has been established as a fruitful network for exchanging practice and understanding of WFD.

Pictures from Nordic WFD Meetings.   Fotograf: Foto: Jo Halvard Halleraker

Many water related issues are transboundary. The Nordic countries have many similarities and mutual challenges that need to be solved in collaboration. The benefits of sharing experiences are valuable, and there are significant mutual gains from collaboration on the development of governance, best practices, management tools and sharing reference-monitoring network.

The Nordic collaboration project has initiated and enhanced a more widespread knowledge exchange between water managers and aquatic scientists in the Nordic countries on common water issues related to the implementation of the WFD. This networking also enhances common positions between the Nordic countries in the European WFD work to ensure adaptations to Nordic conditions.

Reports on WFD in the Nordic countries to the Nordic Council of Ministers:

Report from 
2015 "Challenges and good practise in implementing of WFD in Nordic countries"

Full Conference Report: "How to improve resource effective implementation of WFD in Nordic countries"

A brief conference report is available here.

2013  "Nordic collaboration on implementation of the water framework directivstatus and further challenges"

Information from the arranged workshops:

Other relevant information regarding implementation of WFD in the nordic countries:   

Publisert: 20. mai 2015 Sist oppdatert: 05. november 2015