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2nd Nordic WFD workshop 2009

The 2nd WFD workshop on harmonisation was held 27 – 29 October 2009 in the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Helsinki.

The focus of the workshop was on harmonisation and realisation of the WFD in the nordic countries, with emphasis on lakes/rivers and heavily modified water bodies

Similarities and major differences in implementing WFD within the nordic countries

Experiences from a decade of implementation of the WFD and plans for future

Classification and intercalibration, Assessment of status. Experiences and plans of classification.

National assessment systems; Pros and cons of existing indices and parameters; Use of expert judgement




Establishment of a reference monitoring network in Norway

- Development of reference conditions
- Updates on monitoring standards
- Effect of climatic change on reference conditions

Nordic strategy for further intercalibration of lakes and rivers

Day 2 Session 2 - Hymo alteration and HMWBs

National classification of hymo alteration

  • Current practice of HMWB and environmental objective setting in Nordic countries
  • Designation of HMBWs
  • Environmental objectives and mitigation measures in HMWBs
  • Experiences of HMWB-method in practise
  • Remaining challenges and R&D needs




Comparison of methodology of Heavily Modified Water Bodies in nordic countries

Monitoring of HMWB and environmental objectives

- Status and plans in each country
- Mutual monitoring net on Hymo in nordic countries
Jo H. Halleraker, Norwegian Directorate for nature management.

Discussions: Jo H. Halleraker, Norwegian Directorate for nature management. Anja Ibrekk, Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate

This workshop was a follow-up from the 1st nordic WFD workshop in 2007:

1st workshop on Harmonisation and operalisation of WFD in the Nordic countries (Brekstad, Norway, may 08)

For more information on nordic WFD workshops, please see Relevant pages.

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