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4th workshop on Harmonisation and realisation of the WFD in the Nordic countries

The main focus of the Nordic WFD conference (– 28. September 2011 , Hurdal, Norway) was harmonization and cooperation on the implementation of the Water Directive in the Nordic countries.

There were 98 participants, divided into 6 from Iceland, 13 from Finland, 15 from Sweden and 61 from Norway. In addition, invited speakers from Austrian and Scottish authorities, and Aarhus University, Denmark gave valuable contribution to this event at Hurdal in Norway.

Nordic WFD conference – 28. September 2011 , Hurdal, Norway.

It was concluded that the benefits of sharing experience is valuable, and that there may be a significant mutual gain of collaboration on the development of management tools and sharing reference monitoring network. There will also be useful to have closer cooperation and common positions between the Nordic countries in the European WFD work.

Similar water challenges

Acknowledging the work done within the EU context by different working groups, still a lot have to be done by the member states. Basically there are also several advantages in promoting a similar development of e.g. different classification systems and analyses for the Nordic countries. Realizing the expectations, the Nordic countries have established a forum for exchange of experience, since many of our water bodies are of similar types as in the other countries.

The Nordic collaboration project on WFD implementation have initiated and enhanced a more widespread knowledge exchange between water managers and aquatic scientist in the Nordic countries on common water issues related to the implementation of the WFD. This was the 4th workshop in the series, extending the scope also to priority substances and more focus on modelling tools than previous gatherings.

Publisert: 03. juni 2015 Sist oppdatert: 17. juni 2015