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WG 7 Priority substances

On this side you can find the presentations from each country

Status in each country (presentation from each country)

Priority substances in FinlandJaakko Mannio, SYKE, Finland

  • Implementation EQS directive (2008/105/EC)/(2009/90EC)
  • National challenges in working with priority substances
  • Mixing zones
  • Measures for priority substances

River basin specific substances

  • Included in national legislation?
  • Which substances are prioritized?
  • Criteria for prioritizing river basin specific substances.

Setting EQSes

  • Setting national EQSes for sediment and biota
  • Experiences with the guidance on setting EQS
  • Need for Nordic cooperation on setting EQSes for sediment and biota


  • sediment and biota vs. water
  • monitoring of biota interpretation of "prey tissue"

Status on Commission proposal for new directive (review of P.S list)
Conclusions from WG7 - proposals, further need for cooperation?


WG 7 conclusions

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