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Rapport fra Nordisk samarbeidsworkshop om kystvann i 2007

This report is a summary of a Nordic workshop held in Gothenburg, Sweden August 28-29, 2007. The workshop theme was “Experiences from implementing the water directive in the Nordic counties with focus on coast and sea”. Representatives from central and regional authorities connected to water administration in the Nordic countries participated.

The workshop covered areas like the classification system, environmental goals, programmes of measures and heavily modified water bodies with relevance to the marine environment.

The Nordic countries have similar natural conditions and administrative prerequisites and by sharing experiences they can find common solutions. 

Participants were pleased with the workshop, found many mutual challenges and agreed on further cooperation.

Further, the forthcoming marine directive was shortly discussed. The directive will put increasing demands on cooperation between the Nordic countries.

Download the report from the workshop

Publisert: 28. mai 2015 Sist oppdatert: 08. oktober 2018