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International cooperation for WFD implementation

On this side you can read about:
- Common Implementation Strategy (CIS)
- Nordic Harmonization of WFD implementation

Common Implementation Strategy (CIS)

Norway has taken part in the Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) for the WFD since 2001, bringing our water management experiences to the table in working groups, and supplying data from Norwegian water environment monitoring into the European intercalibration exercise. The voluntary implementation of the WFD in selected sub-districts from 2007-2009 has enabled Norway to take fully part in the mutual learning experience of the CIS.

The national authority for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) is the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, which also represent Norway at the European Water Directors Meetings.

The participation in the CIS has ensured that Norway has had access to information concerning the implementation in other countries, and the possibility to learn from the experiences of other countries. At the same time, it has been a great advantage to be able to bring Norway’s particular needs and interests into the common understating that forms the base for preparation of European guidance documents.

Link to Norwegian web pages about the Common Implementation Strategy.

Nordic harmonization of WFD implementation

The Nordic countries - Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway – have joined forces to harmonize the implementation of the WFD in the Nordic countries. This project and a series of annual workshops have received funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers.

A report to the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2013 concludes that amajor outcome of the Nordic collaboration project is:

• Examples of best practice for implementations of various articles of WFD are identified between countries.
• Similar challenges and issues are handled in other countries, and solutions partly solved with different approaches, which needs administrative, scientific or environmental solutions.
• The similarities are more common than the differences.
• A common interpretation, handling and approach is more accepted than a single country approach
• Further common development of e.g. monitoring, classification, measures and ICT are needed .

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